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Most of you have finished your project with Voicethread.

So, this week for those of you who have finished you can continue with the fun part.

1. In the same way we can find the top 10 (favorite songs)in MTV . I want you to select your
TOP 3 songs in SMS tunes karaoke. Please write the names of the songs in the comments section of this post

2. Play with the Halloween activities selected by Mr. Maufroid . His collection of games and activities are wonderful. ACTIVITIES and GAMES

A halloween song

BBC kids Halloween

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Cristian Pereztejada Godoy dijo...

Hi my name is Cristian Péreztejada Godoy.
My top three songs are:

Daniel´s Notebook dijo...

Hello teacher. My name is Daniel Martinez Flores 509. My favorites songs of your page are:
>With or without you-U2
>Labios compartidos-Maná

uriel dijo...

Hi¡ my name is Uriel Medina Peña, group 509.

My favorites song are:
-November rain, Guns N´Roses.
-Yesterday, The Beatles.
-Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd.

Cristian Pereztejada Godoy dijo...

Hi, mi name is Cristian Péreztejada Godoy, group 509, and my top three songs are:
-Lonely Day-System of a Down(is my favorite)
-What I´ve done-Linkin Park(or this)
-Say it Right-Nelly Furtado

Sandra's dijo...

Hi Teacher! I'm Sandra Gutiérrez, and I study in the group 509. I havent't found all the songs that I like, but I found three ones that I enjoy a lot:

*Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.
*America by Razorlight
*Lonely Day by System Of A Down

Andrea´s dijo...

Helo teacher.
My name is Guzmán Santos Orlanda Andrea, of the group 509.
My favorites songs are:
*Mana: Manda Una Señal.
*The Cranberries: Zombie
*Rihanna: Umbrella

THE HEROES dijo...

The three videos that I liked were: Linkin Park with What I' and Usher with Same Girl sees Donates Hillary Duff with With Love
The reason by that I liked was so that the three are singing modern with a different proposal from hip-hóp to the pop one relaxed.

Alejandra dijo...

hi teacher
Im alejandra lopez herrera, group 509
my top 3 songs are:
° with or without you --- U2
° she will be loved --- maroon 5
° loosing my religion --- R.E.M

Mariana dijo...

Hi teacher I am Mariana Estrada Barragán, my top 3 sogs are:
Aunque no te pueda ver- Alex Ubago
My inmortal-Evanescence
Because of you- Kelly Clarkson

Eduardo dijo...

Hi my name is Luis Eduardo Zambrano Paez 509 and my top tree songs are:
°Yesterday-Beatles(it´s my favorite)
°Lonely Day-System of a Down
°Say it Right-Nelly Furtado

evelin´s dijo...

Hi¡ my name is Evelin Chavez,I study in the group 509.
My top three songs are:
Ojala-Silvio Rodriguez
Quien-Ricardo Arjona
My favorit singer is Ricardo Arjona and I love your songs.

victor dijo...

This is a good site and served us a lot in bringing reading and the correct pronunciation of a playful way.
Some songs are a little complicated but we must start with simple exercise for ways to pronunciation.
I recommend this site is a lot of very good tool for students of English
My top three songs are

U2-with or without you
System of a down- lonely day
Pink floyd-wish you where here

Nayely dijo...

Hello teacher, I am Nayely Hernandez Hernandez of the group 501, my favorite songs are:
-Rascal Flatts
What Hurts The Most
-Kelly Clarkson
Because Of You
-Nelly Furtado
Say It Right

Gaby Hern?ndez dijo...

Hello teacher!
I'm Gabriela Hernández García (group 501), & my favorites songs are:
John Lennon - Woman
The Bealtes - Yesterday
The Beatles - Hey Jude

karla xolalpa orbe dijo...

Hi my name is Karla Xolalpa Orbe 501.
My favorites songs are:
The Beatles - Yesterday
Electric Light Orchestra - Dont Walk Away
John Lennon - Woman

carlo`s notebook dijo...

Hello teacher, I am Carlos Garcia and I say that I liked this other league, and that three more songs that I liked were:

- Zombie; The Cranberries
- With Or Without You; U2
- Because Of You; Kelly Clarkson

AURORA dijo...

I liked the songs a lot about everything, my three songs are:

*Complicated - Avril Lavigne
*Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
*Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Very good is also video of the song that you choose appears letter.

karen's dijo...

Hello teacher!!!
My name is Karen González Puebla of 509.My favorites songs are:

-Hilary Duff- Whith love
-Avril Lavigne- When you´re gone
-Fergie- Glamorous

Adriana dijo...

Hello teacher. My name is Adriana Enriquez, group 501.
This is my top three:
When you´re gone - Avril Lavigne
Big girls don´t cry - Fergie
Because of you - Kelly Clarkson

Laura dijo...

Hello teacher, my name is Laura Miriam Almanza Pérez of the group 501.
My three favorites songs of your page are:
-Girlfriend of Avril Lavigne.
-Umbrella of Rihanna.
-Shut up and drive of Rihanna.

NIDI*YA_RE dijo...

hello teacher, mi name is Leslie Nidiyare Garduño Salazar(501).
My three favorite songs are:
1.Enrique Iglesias - Hero
2.High School Musical 2-Gotta Go My Own Way
3. Avril Lavigne-Complicated

jorge dijo...

My favorites songS are:

U2-With Or Without You

Bon Jovi-Living On A Prayer

Bittersweet Symphony
The Verve

jorge dijo...

hELO TEACHER my name is jorge My favorite songs of your page are:

Bittersweet Symphony
The Verve
Avril Lavigne
When You're Gone
Bon Jovi
Living On A Prayer

Beatriz Ariana Flores Garcia dijo...

Hello teacher!!!
My name is Beatriz Flores Garcia of the group 501
My three favorite songs are:
My immortal-Evanescence
Yesterday-The Beatles
Because of you- Kelly Clarkson

eric´s notebook dijo...

hello miss I´m Eric Guerrero Tellez
My top three songs are:
The Eagles Hotel California
Evanescence My Inmortal
Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved

Tanya dijo...

Hi teacher, my name is Tanya Flores, group 501.
My three favorites songs are:

- Complicated ·Avril Lavigne

- Yesterday ·The Beatles

- Start of Something New ·High School Musical

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