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jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

Video clips in progress

Congratulations to all of you who have started writing the script of the videoclip.
I will keep looking for updates in the wiki.
See you

martes, 4 de marzo de 2008

Project in progress.

Dear students,
The assignment for this week:
It seems that you are having lots of work but we need to go on with our listening practise.
For next week you need to listen and prepare notes on the following podcast
People and places

There is an audio file available for download and a script to read.

B. In a few sentences , describe the content of your video clip in the wiki.

Good luck

jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Podcast "Better speaking"

We are in the last quarter of the school year and we are preparing for our last project.
Our video magazine
This project will give you an opportunity to practice speaking more.
For this week the podcast you need to listen to is episode 3 from Better speaking.
1.Go to the webpage by clicking on the link below.
2. Look for episode 3
3. Download the audio file into your cell phone.
4. Listen to it as many times as you can. There is no script
5.Takes notes and be ready to retell and discuss the information in class.

Episode 3 Better speaking

  • Go to the wiki I have created for both groups (501 and 509).
  • Look for your teams name.
  • Write your name and the names of the other members of your team.
  • Describe in 2 or 3 sentences what you want to make your video clip about.

The following link will be used by both groups 501 and 509.
Wiki 501 and 509
password 501

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008

More listening and reporting

Dear students

It has been a pleasure to see that most of you have managed to download the audio files to your cell phones or mp3 players.

Retelling in class the content of the podcasts using just your notes has been a challenge you have overcome quite well.
A big applause for all of you who have participated.

This week we have 3 files.

Two are audio files and one is a video to watch online.

A. Audio files
The files for this week are:
Pancake day
Painting the Forth Bridge

B. Video file to watch online
To learn more about new technology . We will take a look at BROADBAND
What can broadband offer the user ?. Listen and watch this video tutorial.
Make sure you go throught all the menu options.

Then,answer the followinng question¨:
1. What is a WI Fi router? What is it used for?
2. What is a peer to peer program? How does it work? What are the advantgaes?
3. What is an electronic guide? What options do I have to find progrmas more easily?
4. What is digital rights managament?
5. What is the difference between dowloading and streaming?

Write your answers.

Then record them in a video clip using your cell phone. (you can work in pairs or groups of three.
Upload your video clip using QIK and embed it in your blog.
Keep up the good work.

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

Podcasts for this week

It seems that we all enjoyed listening to the " Languages " podcast and the one about rhubab

This week I have selected for you one podcast
Spagetti Junction

A. Listen to the podcast. Take notes, and be prepared to retell the content in class using only your notes.

B. Rememeber to download the audio file into your cell phone, mp3 player or ipod.
You need to have the file ready next Tuesday (February 19th) in class.
C. If you wish, delete last week files.

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2008

Listen, read and take notes (part2)

Dear students,
To continue listening and taking notes I have selected three sources.
The first is a powerpoint presentation called "Did you know". I embedded it in this post.
The second and third, are two audio files from the podcast
Listen to English"
The episodes that you need to download are:

Follow these steps:
1. Download the 2 audio files from "Listen to English podcast" and bring them to class in your mp3 player. It may be your cellphone, your ipod, your mp3player, or any other portable gadget you probably already have.
2. Listen to the files and print the text available in the website.
3. Take notes on the text . Remember the idea is to be able to reconstruct orally in class (retell) what the audio is about.
4. Listen again to the files many times as necessary, specially the morning before we have our class so that you refresh the information.

Be prepared to present in class the main ideas using only your notes

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

Taking notes and making presentations

We are about to begin the last segment of the school year.
We will practise listening , taking notes and making oral presentations.

We will use three sources.
A podcast that you can download or listen online about
Big think which has experts opinions on different topics
and a podcast on various interesting topics for language learners.

Homework for next February 6th.

1. Listen , read the script and answer the quizz
Making suggestions form BBC how to...
Take some notes and be prepared to report this information in class.

2. Listen to the video clip What is happiness
Takes notes of the relevant information.

3. English Podcast. Listen to the episode called "Swimming the channel"
You can download the audio and read the script on the website. Remember to tke notes.

We will have oral presentations on these topics.

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