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Learn about this important celebration in the USA.
Read and listen to the information in the following web site.
The First Thanksgiving
Next November 22nd there will be a special event in the English language floor (building D)

Thanksgiving Questionnaire.
  • Copy and print the following questions.
  • Answer them
  • Take your questionnaire to class next Wednesday 21rst.
Voyage on the Mayflower
1. The trip form England to North America took place in this year ______
2. The voyage took this many days ______

Tour the ship
3.Mayflower was the name of a ship built in the s____ century
4.It was not for battle. It was used to transport __________
5.The Mayflower did not have motors, it used 6 ____________
6.The master use the position of the s______ to direct the ship.
7.The cook prepared food for example _______ and _______________
8.What time of the year was it when the Pilgrims arrived to North America ?

9. Who helped them to survive? _________________
10.The Indian tribesmen and the Pilgrim celebrated for a week . This celebration is called ______________

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