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More listening and reporting

Dear students

It has been a pleasure to see that most of you have managed to download the audio files to your cell phones or mp3 players.

Retelling in class the content of the podcasts using just your notes has been a challenge you have overcome quite well.
A big applause for all of you who have participated.

This week we have 3 files.

Two are audio files and one is a video to watch online.

A. Audio files
The files for this week are:
Pancake day
Painting the Forth Bridge

B. Video file to watch online
To learn more about new technology . We will take a look at BROADBAND
What can broadband offer the user ?. Listen and watch this video tutorial.
Make sure you go throught all the menu options.

Then,answer the followinng question¨:
1. What is a WI Fi router? What is it used for?
2. What is a peer to peer program? How does it work? What are the advantgaes?
3. What is an electronic guide? What options do I have to find progrmas more easily?
4. What is digital rights managament?
5. What is the difference between dowloading and streaming?

Write your answers.

Then record them in a video clip using your cell phone. (you can work in pairs or groups of three.
Upload your video clip using QIK and embed it in your blog.
Keep up the good work.

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