miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

Taking notes and making presentations

We are about to begin the last segment of the school year.
We will practise listening , taking notes and making oral presentations.

We will use three sources.
A podcast that you can download or listen online about
Big think which has experts opinions on different topics
and a podcast on various interesting topics for language learners.

Homework for next February 6th.

1. Listen , read the script and answer the quizz
Making suggestions form BBC how to...
Take some notes and be prepared to report this information in class.

2. Listen to the video clip What is happiness
Takes notes of the relevant information.

3. English Podcast. Listen to the episode called "Swimming the channel"
You can download the audio and read the script on the website. Remember to tke notes.

We will have oral presentations on these topics.

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