domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2007

Topic: My family

In two weeks , you are going to create your blog in the LACE computer labs on September 10th and 11th)
So we need to get ready and have something written for the first post.
Our topic for the post will be our family. Look at the following example.

This is my family. I have a daughter named Gaby and my son is Carlos, just like my husband. We enjoy being together. We like to visit places and to play tennis.
Gaby is almost 14 and Carlos is 11. They are students . My husband is an economist . He works for the Central bank .

Getting ready
1. You will need several digital photos of your family.

2. Listen to Lotti describe her dad
Print and answer the activiy that comes with the description.

3. Practise the words for family relations

4. Now, look at some examples of webpages where people talk about their families.
Write 5 facts
about the members of the family.
A. The British Royal family (click on members of the Royal family)

. Listen to an example of a family description

5. Finally, describe your family. Write a description and include your digital pictures.

Have fun

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