lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007

Group Profile

We are now going to protray the 509 group.
We will use a tool called "Create a graph" to show our results form the survey in a grpahical way.
First you need to create your graphs using the following link

Make 5 graphs. One for each one of your questions.
Then, in a powerpoint presentation create :
slide 1 The title of your project
slide 2 Your name and a brief description of the purpose
of your survey include the total number of subjects
and the 5 questions you asked.
slide 3 Write question 1 and the corresponding graph.
slides 4 to 7 do the same as with slide 3
slide 8 Write a conlusion based on your findings.

If possible include a picture of your group.
Save your powerpoint presentation as "jpg"
When you are finished use the following tool to upload the powerpoint into your blog.
slide share
Have fun

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