martes, 15 de enero de 2008

Past tense- Activities

Dear students,
Congratulations. I was very happy to see how well you completed the task based on the first story of the book "The Diamod as big as the Ritz".

Here is the assignment for this week :
1. Please read the second story "The long way out" for next Monday January 21th (group 509) Tuesday January 22nd (group 501).
2. Practice and learn more verbs in past tense using the following links. There are 2 or 3 interesting exercises in each page.
Past tense (regular)
Past tense (irregular verbs)
Past tense (negatives and questions)

3. Listen to 2 stories of your choice in the webpage called 'Interactive listening stories'.
Click on the button "Solution" to access the written version of the story.
Print the text and underline the verbs in past tense that you can find.
Bring to class the printed story with the underlined verbs.

Interactive listening stories

Deadline January 21rst group 509
January 22nd group 501

4. Listen and read about the life of Benjamin Franklin
Takes notes and be ready to participate in class with the information you have.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend.

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